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595SS-Homework02-2006 - C\Program...

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ESM 595SS: The Economics and Science of Climate Change Homework 2 Charlie Kolstad Jan 19 2006 Jeff Dozier Due Jan 26 2006 (1) Implement DICE on GAMS. The links to DICE are on the course web page. GAMS is installed on the Bren student computers, but the permissions on the shortcut in the Start menu may be incorrect, in which case the folder will appear empty. If this is the case, you can find
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Unformatted text preview: C:\Program Files\GAMS22.0\gamside.exe . (2) We will work with DICE throughout the quarter. In this first exercise, do some cal-culations to convince yourself that the program is producing correct results. You might use the Excel version to check this. (3) Write a one-paragraph statement about the value of a simplified model in making policy decisions....
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