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Ocotober 17 In-class exercises ESM 219 F’07 The purpose of this exercise is for you to see how concepts of microbial growth appear in studies that are relevant to pollution prevention and remediation. Group 1: Regarding AEM 2007 v73 pp1383-7: “Who” is cultivated (grown under laboratory conditions) and what are the conditions of growth? How was growth measured? What is the apparent growth rate (you’ll need to try to calculate this)? Any comments on the “bigger” issue are welcome
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Unformatted text preview: Group 2: Regarding JCH 2006 v87 p191-210: • What is the issue addressed by this work (see 2 nd paragraph on page 192, starting with “Models….”, and last paragraph of Introduction)? • What are the modeling assumptions related to the “biodegradation” part of the model (see section 3.1)? • Where does the “biodegradation term” appear in the model (see Equation 1)? • Any comments regarding the modeling assumptions are welcome....
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