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Syllabus - Homework Complete and turn in the assigned...

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WINTER QUARTER 2008 DR. TARO AMAGATA U.C. Santa Barbara Rm. Chem 2146 RM: Girvitz 2128 [email protected] W. R. F. 8:00-8:50 A.M. Sat: TBA CHEMISTRY 124/224 ORGANIC STRUCTURE ANALYSIS COURSE ORGANIZATION Course Instructor Dr. Taro Amgata, Chem 2140 Office Hours: Wed, Thu, Fri 2:00 – 3:00PM Also, questions may be sent via EMAIL. When appropriate, answers will be generally distributed by EMAIL to the entire class. Course Materials Organic Structure Analysis 1998 , by Phillip Crews, Jaime Rodríguez and Marcel Jaspars (Oxford University Press). "MS Calculator" Softshell (see Crews text page 271 ref 11), ACD-LITE NMR SIMULATOR (see Crews text page 98, ref 12). Course Format Lectures W, R, F: 8:00-8:50 A.M., Girvetz 2128. Sat: TBA. 3 Units The topic “Establishing Structures” will be treated in a format that involves lectures, in class workshops, and extensive problem solving.
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Unformatted text preview: Homework Complete and turn in the assigned problems from the text. Check your answers with the solutions available on the course web page. Part of your performance will be based on the quality of the homework sets. Bring all questions, especially those on difficult problems, to either class meetings or to my office hours (listed above). Quizzes Two quizzes (50 pts/quiz) will be given during the Quarter. EXAMS A midquarter exam (100 pts). A final exam will be in two parts: I (100 pts) generally based on homework, and II (40 pts) generally based on a problems from Ch. 10 & 11. Performance The quality of your work will be based on the standing relative to the class averages. It is important to complete each quiz, the exams, and to orally contribute during class discussions....
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