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Unformatted text preview: Remote Sensing of Vegetation Change Jesse Fujikawa Bernhard Preusser Presentation for: ESM266: Remote Sensing 5/21/2005 Objectives Use remote sensing data to determine the extent of grassland conversion in California Methods Use NDVI to: Identify seasonal changes in vegetation cover Identify conversion of natural vegetation Data Source Landsat 7 California's Central Valley Winter 1999 Summer 2002 Data retrieved from: http://casilmirror1.ceres.ca.gov/casil/gis.ca.gov/landsat7/ Seasonal Variation: NDVI 12/30/1999 06/29/2002 Landsat 7 path/row 044033: Sacramento Seasonal Variation: NDVI Change in NDVI from Winter to Summer Red = Increase Blue = Decrease Bakersfield: Home of the Golf Course Man 12/16/1999 08/02/2002 Change from 19992002 Landsat 7 Path/Row 042035 Density Slice Change Detection Map Density Slice of Change Detection Map Density Slice Legend: Red, Dark Green, Blue and Yellow show decreases. Cyan is no change. Magenta, Maroon, and Sea Green show increases. Confirmation: Google Maps Image of Bakersfield from maps.google.com Conclusions If we had more data (and time): Seasonal comparisons within a year Interannual comparisons Land Use change over time ...
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