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art1 - Art in the Modern World Syllabus Summer 2008...

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Art in the Modern World Syllabus Summer 2008 Anthropology 3415, Art History 3915, Anthropology 7415 CUCESS Special Programs Co-instructors: Professor Billie Jean Isbell [email protected] Professor John Robinson-Appels 212-242-1664 Assistant: Hanna Cho [email protected] Office Hours by appointment McGraw 206 This course is designed to explore the arts. Everyone begins with different experiences and appreciation for music, dance, the visual arts, poetry, fiction and theater. The primary goal of the course is for students to explore unknown territories of the arts and to open new avenues of expression. We will examine how artistic expression introduces values that correspond to socially constructed notions of color, sensation, ritual, and tradition. While reading artists' statements, anthropological fieldwork studies, aesthetic theory, and phenomenological theories of art making, we directly experience works of art, and we consider the consolidation of meaning that works of art and artifacts present.
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