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ME 419 Fundamentals of Injection Molding Prof. Lih-Sheng (Tom) Turng Homework and Handout Distribution Distributed Lecture 2 Homework #1 Lecture 9 Homework #2 Lecture 13 Homework #3 Lecture 15 Homework #4 Lecture 24 Homework #5 Lecture 36 Homework #6 Lecture 33 Independent Study Project Lecture 6 Mechanical properties of plastics Lecture 10 Rheological material properties Lecture 11 Melt Pool Barrel Lecture 13 Course of Process and Process Control in Injection Molding Anisotropy Development During Processing
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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 14 Product Design Lecture 19 Material Cost Considerations Lecture 20 Lecture 21 Control System Lecture 23 Graph Lecture 29 Common Mold Classifications Lecture 30 Specific Volume (pvT diagram) Lecture 32 Course of State in the PVT Diagram Lecture 33 Special and Emerging Injection Molding Processes An Introduction of Part Quality Control Based on Mold Separation in Injection Molding Process...
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