Creon & Capt. Vere

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Unformatted text preview: POSC Readings Creon and Captain Vere • Captain Vere and Creon are similar judges. They both believe that their law or the state’s law should be above natural law or what they believe to be morally right. I think they are both concerned about what would happen if the defendant is not punished. They both seem to think that implementing their law will cause deterrence. Both judges are totally impelled by their duty to serve the state and the King’s law. Vere wants to do good for the society and the British Navy and Creon wants to continue upholding the laws of the King’s in the past. However, I do not believe that Vere has better reasons for acting than Creon did for acting the way he did. Vere wants the death penalty for Budd because he killed someone. In other words, he broke a law and there is a punishment for that law and he must take on that punishment. Creon wants Antigone cast away because she broke the law and there is a punishment for that law. So as you can see, in both instances, there is a law that has been broken and both defendants must follow though with the...
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