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Geography 127 Spring 2007 Semester Paper Assignment Due in lecture Thursday April 26 th (no extensions) Note : An electronic version of your paper needs to be submitted by the same time. Objective As you will see in lecture and lab this semester, climate, vegetation, and soils are strongly interconnected and vary across the landscape. We have examined the variability of these components of the physical environment across a variety of scales, such as from one side of Picnic Point to another or from one end of North America to another. For this 50 point project you are asked to select a field site from the list of local conservation parks below. You will be required to visit your adopted site 5 evenly spaced times throughout the semester (beginning in early February and ending in middle to late April). You will document the physical environment of your study site and the environmental changes during the winter to spring transition. In addition to discussing the changes that occur at your site over the semester (e.g. weather, vegetation, etc.) you will also describe the dominant climate, vegetation and soil of the site you chose. By using information and insight gained from lecture, lab exercises, and detailed library research, we hope you will develop a richer understanding of Wisconsin’s diverse and changing physical environment. We firmly believe that only through immersing yourself in the physical environment that surrounds our daily lives will you truly understand the beauty, complexity and importance of the world’s physical geography and natural resources. Choose a Field Site ( submit to your TA by the week of February 5 th FOR 4 POINTS ) Below is a list of conservation parks found in the Madison area from which you are required to choose 1. Location maps are posted on the course website along with directions on how to reach the sites from Science Hall. While some of the parks are several miles away, most are easily accessible by bike or bus. You will need to choose a site within the first 3 weeks of class and report to your TA which park you plan on using. Many of the parks are quite large and have a variety of vegetation structures. To simplify the project and reduce the workload, it is recommended that you focus on a specific tract of prairie, savanna, forest or wetland within each conservation park. Each park has at least one website given that will provide you with an initial reference (while useful references, the written portion of the paper should not rely heavily on these websites). 1. Cherokee Marsh Conservation Park (5002 School Road, Madison, WI) located 7.5 miles from Science Hall 2. Owen Conservation Park (6021 Old Sauk Road, Madison, WI) located 4.4 miles from Science Hall 3. UW Arboretum (Arboretum Drive, Madison, WI)
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semester_project_spring_2007 - Geography 127 Spring 2007...

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