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Emily Capdeville November 21, 2007 Thomas Hobbes ( Leviathan ) Paper 6 Word Count: 421 Thesis: Present-day covenants exist on a daily basis, every time we leave a door unlocked and a bag on a table while we run to the bathroom. But as time passes in an increasingly urban society, people become less inclined to do just that, not trusting others to leave their belongings at rest. Is it because Hobbes would claim that the commonwealth that guides us, the governing body, is no longer strong enough or willful enough to keep the validity of the covenant of trust, or is there something askew with the makers of the covenant themselves? Summary: Hobbes, in the same line as Descartes, was also one of the forefathers of modern thinking in Europe. His Leviathan , Hobbes outlines his ideas pertaining to the relationship of men to each other and to the state or community. He believes that the main purpose of man, or his goal, is to preserve himself and prevent violent death, and that he will do anything in his power to create a peaceful society, as that is the direction
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