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Geography 127, Spring 2007 Paper Assignment 1: Map Reading and Navigation Due in your lab section the week of February 12 th The first paper assignment for this semester offers you the opportunity to explore topographic maps in more detail, asking you to consider what the topographic map tells us about topography, and how it does so. More specifically, it asks you to navigate your way along a number of transects on your Baraboo maps, and to describe the topographic features you encounter as you move from point to point. This paper is also intended to help you work on writing skills with your TA before you write your final research paper for lab. Part I: Transects and Topography The first part of this assignment asks you to navigate between points A, B, C, and D commenting as you do so, on the information listed below. It will help to draw a line (in pencil) on the map between the points listed for Part I and II. A B Point A: The intersection of Hill Rd. and Baraboo Rd. Point B: The intersection of Hwy DL and HWY 113, north of “Devils Lake State Park” What is the elevation (within 20 feet) of each point? What is the horizontal distance (in feet) between points A and B? How steep (%) is the hillslope along Devils Delight Road measured between the point where it intersects HWY DL and the point where the road takes its first 180 0 turn? See the map at the bottom of the 2 nd page. Describe the topography along the route from A to B.
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assignment_1_spring_2007 - Geography 127, Spring 2007 Paper...

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