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East Asian Presentation Guide - Presentation Outline Anime...

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Presentation Outline Anime Anime Overview: -Anime is sweeping the nation -Popularity of films -Influence of Anime on other movies (such as the Matrix) History: -Anime before WWII -“Astro Boy” -emphasis on character and story line -uses immobile pictures and making them appear to move -launched era of science fiction anime -Creation of the anime business model -popular manga stories turned into TV anime -anime boosted comic book sales Nagai Go created “Mazinger Z” -introduced giant robots -inspired “Space Cruiser Yamato,” “Mobile Suit Gundam” Late 1970s focused on teenagers -complicated stories, youthful emotions, philosophical themes 1980 -many anime were once again based on popular manga -Non-traditional Japanese animated films were suitable for children (especially those made by Disney) -Japanese animated films presented story lines suitable for teenagers -stayed away from uplifting themes instead challenging people to discover new possibilities and be swept up in a magical experience -cyberpunk art -anime-for-teenagers not completely embraced -many countries edited mature themes -sexual overtones and violence not suitable for children -animated films made for children Evolition -many works not yet exported -fascinating characters, complex inner workings, stories with deep meaning -rapid action, expressive power, amazing visual effects Anime artists as celebrities: Miyazaki Hayao, Oshii Mamoru Japan’s Aging Society
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-2000 National Census Japan’s population is 126.9 million
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East Asian Presentation Guide - Presentation Outline Anime...

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