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philpaper2 - Emily Capdeville Paper 2 Leo Strauss What is...

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Unformatted text preview: Emily Capdeville September 15, 2006 Paper # 2 Leo Strauss/ What is Political Philosophy? Morality and Machiavelli Thesis: In this paper, I will discuss and critique how Machiavelli’s view (modern) of morality differs from those of classical political philosophers. Introduction: In Strauss’ article What is Political Philosophy? , Strauss outlines Machiavelli’s critique of morality which is also his critique of classical political philosophy. His critique is that an approach to philosophy can not be feasible if its goal is virtually unattainable. If the objective is unreachable, Machiavelli questions the point of philosophizing about it from whichever view the thinker so chooses. The particular view chosen by classical political philosophers was virtue. Machiavelli finds reason to argue against the notion that the goal of all men is to be virtuous by claiming that man must be socialized to be virtuous because virtue can only exist in a society (i.e., it is not “a force in the soul of man” socialized to be virtuous because virtue can only exist in a society (i....
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