ESM222ps3_2008 - Spring 2008 ESM 222 Fate and Transport of...

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Spring 2008 1 ESM 222 Fate and Transport of Pollutants Assignment #3 Due: Monday 05/12/08 (in class) 1) Mass Balance Calculations using EQC (20 points) You will use the Equilibrium Concentration (EQC) model, Level I to evaluate the effect that pollutant properties have on the distribution. Use EQC to calculate the distribution of Acetaldehyde Benzene Tetrachloroethylene (PCE) Malathion DDT 1. Print out the Diagram for Level 1 calculations of each pollutant. Make a table summarizing the results for the 4 pollutants in terms of mass fraction (given in %) and concentration in each phase (in the units given in the diagram). 2. Which pollutant partitions (in terms of mass fraction ) more strongly into the air? Water? Soil? Sediments? Suspended Sediments? Fish? Explain in terms of the pollutant properties (C sat w ,P sat , K ow ). 2) Effect of Temperature (5 points) We will now look at the effect that changes in temperature can have on the equilibrium distribution. We will use Level I to calculate the new distributions. Consider TCE (Trichloroethylene) as the sample pollutant. Use Watts or any other suitable source of information for data at 25 o C. You need to "Add a New Chemical", select "Type 1", and then enter the data. TCE's MW = 131.39 g/mol, it's P sat (25 o C) = 74 mmHg, and its melting point
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ESM222ps3_2008 - Spring 2008 ESM 222 Fate and Transport of...

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