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socialstats - 8(2 258 – 262 Geronimus Arline T John Bound...

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Emily Capdeville Data Analysis Paper, Part I Monday, January 26, 2006 General Topic: Aging Possible Sub-Topics: Aging and Race, Disease (Possibly Aging, Race and Disease: Who gets what diseases, and who cares for the diseased), Availability of Health Care, Who bares the burden of Federal Health Care for the Aging? Preliminary Reference List Cacioppi, John T. and Louise C. Hawkley. 2003. “Social Isolation and Health, with an Emphasis on Underlying Mechanisms.” Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 46 (3): S39 – S52. Costa, Dora L. 2002. “Changing Chronic Disease Rates and Long-Term Declines in Functional Limitation Among Older Men.” Demography 39 (1): 119 – 137. Flinders, Susan L. 2003. “The Internal Struggles of Aging.” JPCS: Journal for the
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Unformatted text preview: 8 (2): 258 – 262. Geronimus, Arline T., John Bound, Timothy A. Waidmann, Cynthia G. Colen, and Dianne Steffick. 2001. “Inequality in Life Expectancy, Functional Status, and Active Life Expectancy Across Selected Black and White Populations in the United States.” Demography 38 (2): 227 – 251. Portrait, France, Maarten Lindeboom, and Dorly Deeg. 2001. “Life Expectancies in Specific Health States: Results from a Joint Model of Health Status and Mortality of Older Persons.” Demography 38 (4): 525 – 536. Thane, Pat. 2003. “Social Histories of Old Age and Aging.” Journal of Social History 37 (1): 93 – 111. Vanston, Nicholas. 2000. “Maintaining Prosperity.” The Washington Quarterly 23 (3): 225 – 238....
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