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ProteomicsSyllabus10-10-07 - GENETICS 875 Fall 2007 Ahna's...

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GENETICS 875 Fall 2007 Ahna’s Proteomics & Functional Genomics Section Papers: All papers will be posted on the course web site: http://asap.ahabs.wisc.edu/courses/genetics-875-fall-2007/genetics-875-fall-2007.html Class Structure: The aims of this section of the course are 1) to learn to read and evaluate papers from the primary literature in the area of proteomics, 2) to understand modern experimental methods used to ask fundamental biological questions, and 3) to practice synthesizing, presenting and critiquing original research. In the course of reading, evaluating and presenting papers, we will also learn about the latest research in the selected areas of proteomics we have chosen to cover. Each class will be conducted as a “journal club” (*except where noted on the syllabus). A one/two person group will present 1 paper on a particular topic. Each presentation should last approximately one hour and give background information needed to understand each paper, present the results figure-by-figure, and include a discussion and evaluation of the results. Everyone is expected to read the reviews and original papers assigned so that they can participate in the discussion. Grading: 40% from presentations, 20% from class participation, 40% from paper questions/homework. You do not need to turn in a position paper the day that you are presenting. In addition, each student will be excused from turning in a position paper one day during the semester. If your questions are turned in late, I will deduct 10% off for every day that it is late. Please submit these to Ahna via email: [email protected] no later than NOON prior to class time.
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