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CHEM. 1CL LAB FINAL Saturday June 7, 4 – 6 PM Rooms: Go to the room where your TA will be. If you have a foreign language final at this time, you can take the lab final Friday, June 6, 4 – 6 PM, CHEM. 1179. SCANTRON FORMS will be PROVIDED. You must BRING: 1) Reg. Card (Picture ID), PERM number 2) Soft #2 PENCIL 3) CALCULATOR Broida 1610: David Schnaars, Lani Seaman, Lisa Gulian, Alexey Koyfman, Mike Schettini, Bridget Owens Chem. 1179: Gordon Smith, Jin Kuen Park, Guoya Mo, Justin Cochran, Surekha Gajria, Yen-Ping Lin Phelps 1260: Kristen Murphy, Aidee Gonzalez, Erin Brocker Harold Frank Hall 1104: Abril Estrada, Jonathan Burk, Mike Isaacman LAB FINAL: The periodic table, formulas and other useful information will be provided on the lab final. No other notes are allowed. Answers to the following questions are at the end. NOTE: Taking the lab final is required to complete the course. If you do not take the lab final you will fail the course. SHOW ALL YOUR WORK ON THE EXAM. If there is a problem with your exam, we can evaluate your answers ONLY IF YOUR WORK IS SHOWN. 1. The following equation for the reaction of alum with barium chloride is not balanced. KAl(SO 4 ) 2 •12H 2 O(aq) + BaCl 2 (s) KCl(aq) + AlCl 3 (aq) + BaSO 4 (s) a) Balance the equation. Calculate the mass (g) of barium chloride needed to react with 25 mL of a 0.10 M alum solution. b) In an experiment 1.02 grams of BaSO 4 (s) was produced. Calculate the percent yield of BaSO 4 (s). 2.
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PracticeLabFinal.Chem.1CL.S08 - CHEM. 1CL LAB FINAL...

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