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CHEM. 1A/1AL and 1B/1BL TA OFFICE HOURS PSBN 2653 TIME MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY 11 – 12 Ryan Davis Mike Isaacman Logan Garner Jin Kuen Park Erin Calkins Collin Dyer Ellie Corigliano Richard Ouyang 12 – 1 PM Rahau Shirazi Lani Seaman Mike Schettini Kristen Murphy Gordon Smith Justin Cochran Serena Kwan Ester Zhuang 1 – 2 PM Ted Matson Josh Kurzman Guoya Mo Skye Fortier David Schnaars
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Unformatted text preview: 2 – 3 PM Lisa Gulian Trevor Squier Hanna Pavlova Sheena Menezes Erin Brocker Jon Burk Yankia Schneider Russ Cooper Office Hours: These office hours are for all Chem. 1A/1AL and Chem. 1B/1BL students. Students can attend any office hour, any time, any day. TAs can help you with pre-lab and review questions. TAs can also help you with your discussion section. Students may use this room to study as well....
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