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Physics 25 Problem Set 9 Harry Nelson due Monday, June 2 Please make your work neat, clear, and easy to follow. It is hard to grade sloppy work accurately. Generally, make a clear diagram, and label quantities. Derive symbolic answers, and then plug in numbers after a symbolic answer is available. 1. Consider the uncertainty principle for you . Suppose you are localized to 1 centimeter. What is
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Unformatted text preview: the approximate uncertainty in your momentum, from the uncertainty principle? 2. Find the wavelength of a bolling ball of weight 16 pounds rolling at 20 miles per hour. 3. Anderson 4-5. The classical radius of an electron is e 2 / ( m c 2 ). 4. Anderson 4-6. Go ahead and use 4.16 for the maxima. 5. Anderson 4-7. 6. Anderson 4-9. 7. Anderson 4-10....
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