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Physics 25 Problem Set 5 Harry Nelson due Monday, May 5 Please make your work neat, clear, and easy to follow. It is hard to grade sloppy work accurately. Generally, make a clear diagram, and label quantities. Derive symbolic answers, and then plug in numbers after a symbolic answer is available. 1. For a plasma, the index of refraction is n ( ω ) = 1 - ω 2 p ω 2 , where ω p = 2 × 10 15 s - 1 is the ‘plasma frequency’. Not that for ω > ω p , the index refraction is less than one. (a) Numerically evaluate the wavenumber,
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Unformatted text preview: k p in cm-1 , and the wavelength, λ p in nanometers, that correspond to ω p . (b) The phase velocity v p , is v p ( ω ) = ω k = c n ( ω ) . Plot v p /c as a function of wavelength for wavelengths in the visible range of 400 to 700 nanometers. (c) The group velocity, v g , is dω/dk . Plot v g /c for the wavelengths in the visible range. 2. Crawford, 9.1 3. Crawford, 9.2 4. Crawford, 9.4 5. Crawford, 9.6...
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