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APPENDIX A. NATURAL UNITS The dimensionless constant 11., which was named the fine structu re con- stant, has a significance which goes beyond its role in Equation 4.13. Its magnitude may be regarded as a measur e of th e strength of the coupling of particles of charge ±e to electromagnetic fields. Indeed, one may call e 2 the "strength" of the interaction between ±e and electro- magnetic fields, but it is more "natural" to use th e dimensionless quantity 11. = e 2 Jfic for this purpose. Since oc is independent of mass it can be used to describe the electromagneti c interactions of all particles of charge ±e. An appropriate set of natural units for describing atomic phenomena is as follows : In terms of th e natural units and the coupling constant 11., the relationships that were previously found for the hydrogen atom may be expressed as follows: CHAPTER 4 Variable mass length time energy velocity angular momentum First Bohr orbit : APPENDIX A Natural Unit Description m o electron rest mass Ii
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