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121 Midterm 08 - Human Evolution - Anthropology 121 Spring...

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Human Evolution - Anthropology 121 Spring 2008 Midterm You must bubble in your name and seven-digit Perm number on your Scantron sheet in order for your exam to be graded. MULTIPLE CHOICE (2 point each, 100 points total). Select the ONE best answer for each question. Record your answer in the appropriate bubble on the Scantron form. 1. What dating method was used to determine that the Piltdown Man remains were a hoax? a. Potassium-Argon dating b. Dendrochronology c. Stratigraphic dating d. Fluorine and nitrogen dating e. Cross-dating 2. The earliest members of the human family possessed which of the following characteristics: a. Small brains and enlarged olfactory apparatus b. Large canines and monogamous social organization c. Opposable big toes and bipedal locomotion d. Large brains and hand bones that suggest knuckle-walking e. Small brains and bipedal locomotion 3. An example of convergent evolution is: a. The bear-like physiology of the giant panda b. Live birth in dolphins c. The wings of bats and birds d. A and C only e. All of the above 4. All of the following are members of the suborder Anthropoidea EXCEPT: a. Lemurs b. Macaques and baboons c. Spider monkeys d. Gorillas e. Humans 5. Baboons: a. Carry food in cheek pouches b. Are members of the family Cercopithecidae c. Are social d. Exhibit pronounced sexual dimorphism e. All of the above
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6. Trends apparent in early primate evolution include the following: a. Increased dependence on the sense of smell for locating prey b. Increase in the size of the snout c. Replacement of nails with claws d. An increase in the crushing function of the teeth e. None of the above 7. All of the following are true of gibbons EXCEPT: a. They are true brachiators b. They are highly sexually dimorphic c. They often walk bipedally on the ground d. Males and females cooperate to control a large territory e. They belong to the family Hylobatidae. 8. The scientific name for the superfamily of Old World monkeys is: a. Ceboidea b. Cebidae c. Cebinae d. Cercopithecoidea e. Cercopithecinae 9. Chimpanzees: a. Fist walk b. Live in troops comprised of a single dominant male who has a “harem” of females c. Engage in cooperative hunting. d. Are more closely related to orangutans than they are to humans e. b and c only 10. All of the following are true of Carbon 14 dating EXCEPT: a. It is an absolute dating technique. b. It can be used to date materials that are several thousand years old. c. It can only be applied to materials that were once part of a living organism, such as shell, bone, or wood. d. It is sensitive to contamination. e. Its long half-life means that it can be used to date materials as old as the age of the Earth. 11.
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121 Midterm 08 - Human Evolution - Anthropology 121 Spring...

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