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ESM228 ESM228 Environmental Field Methods Environmental Field Methods This course will focus on various environmental sampling techniques, common laboratory protocols, data analysis and reporting. We will cover topics such as hydrologic characterization, surface water sampling, baseflow and stormflow monitoring of landuse runoff, stream bed material sampling, physical habitat characterization, techniques for sampling various biota, as well as data interpretation and interpolation, project scoping and environmental policy. Skills gained will be directly applicable to careers in environmental science both in data collection and managing field assessments. The course will provide students with an appreciation for the effort involved in acquiring and interpreting environmental data, and an ability to critically evaluate results from
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Unformatted text preview: a sampling program. ESM228 will have an interactive one-hour lecture each week (Thursdays), with alternating all-day field trips or three-hour labs (Fridays). Agricultural and urban storm water sampling will be conducted during 2-3 storms. Students will be evaluated through assignments and a group presentation at the end of the quarter that integrates our field and laboratory efforts. Note that enrollment is limited to 20 UCSB students, and is open to second year Masters and PhD students only. For further information please contact: Tim Robinson (Instructor) [email protected] 805-687-4011 or Jose Constantine (TA) [email protected] / 805-893-8816 Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management...
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