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ece137a_lab1_2008 - Supply voltage zero and 2 volts DC...

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1 ECE137A: FIRST DESIGN PROJECT The output voltage of a typical portable music player (MP3 player or CD) is perhaps 300 mV RMS amplitude, and drives headphones of a few 100 Ohms impedance. You will design build and test a small audio amplifier to take this output and drive it into a small 8 Ohm loudspeaker. The specifications you must meet are as follows: Must have an adjustable volume control. A input potentiometer is probably best for this. With full setting on the volume control: Voltage gain = 10 +/- 20% AC Input impedance : greater than 100 Ohms Load impedance: an 8 Ohm loudspeaker.
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Unformatted text preview: Supply voltage: zero and 2 volts. DC current consumption: less than 200 mA. Mininum peak-peak voltage before clipping: at least 0.5 Volts peak-peak. This will be determined by comparing the gain at 100 mV pp output and at 0.75 V pp output. The gain must drop less than 20% between the 2 conditions. Signal frequency range: at least 400 Hz to 4 KHz. The gain must not vary by more than 10% over this range. This will control the value of DC blocking capacitors. Note that the gain requirement is such that 2 amplification stages is probably required....
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