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+ ECE137AB Circuits and Electronics This 2-quarter sequence has 2 components. We spend about 75% of our time in a design-oriented coverage of transistor analog electronics. The remaining time is spent covering transient and frequency- response of RLC networks. We also will try to cover lots of feedback, filter, and linear systems theory so as to complement ECE130ABC. - Prerequisites ECE 2A, 2B, 2C Circuits and Electronics ECE132 Semiconductor Device Physics ECE130A ECE137A is a prerequisite for ECE137B (of course) If you have received a C- or below in any of these courses, or have a GPA below 2.0, you should arrange to see the instructor immediately - Texts: Recommended, not required: Microelectronic Circuit Design, Second Edition, R.C. Jaeger and T.N. Blalock. You could also use any recent version of Grey and Meyer, Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits. Also, please keep your Sophomore circuits text, as you will need that to review both nodal analysis and the frequency/transient response of RLC circuits. Similarly, the course will use Fourier and LaPlace transforms, hence it is advisable to retain your ECE130ABC text. Lecture notes are available on the course web page.
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137aboutline - + ECE137AB Circuits and Electronics This...

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