VN0104 - VN0104 VN0106 VN0109 N-Channel Enhancement-Mode...

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7-151 7 VN0104 VN0106 VN0109 Advanced DMOS Technology These enhancement-mode (normally-off) transistors utilize a vertical DMOS structure and Supertex’s well-proven silicon-gate manufacturing process. This combination produces devices with the power handling capabilities of bipolar transistors and with the high input impedance and positive temperature coefficient inher- ent in MOS devices. Characteristic of all MOS structures, these devices are free from thermal runaway and thermally-induced secondary breakdown. Supertex’s vertical DMOS FETs are ideally suited to a wide range of switching and amplifying applications where high breakdown voltage, high input impedance, low input capacitance, and fast switching speeds are desired. Package Options Note 1: See Package Outline section for dimensions. Note 2: See Array section for quad pinout. Absolute Maximum Ratings Drain-to-Source Voltage BV DSS Drain-to-Gate Voltage BV DGS Gate-to-Source Voltage ± 20V Operating and Storage Temperature -55 ° C to +150 ° C Soldering Temperature* 300 ° C * Distance of 1.6 mm from case for 10 seconds. N-Channel Enhancement-Mode Vertical DMOS FET Applications Motor controls Converters Amplifiers Switches Power supply circuits Drivers (relays, hammers, solenoids, lamps, memories, displays, bipolar transistors, etc.)
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VN0104 - VN0104 VN0106 VN0109 N-Channel Enhancement-Mode...

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