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Mid1Info - (2 I grade on a curve As a result I cannot tell...

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Midterm 1 Information Error in Exam Grading? (1) DO NOT WRITE anything on numbered pages 1-4 if you think that an error has been made on your exam. (2) Review the grading key that is posted here before you submit your exam for reexamination. (3) I personally review all exams that are resubmitted. (4) If you think there has been an error, make a note on the cover page or the score page and return it to me in class on Wednesday. Exam statistics. Average 58 SD 18 Hi 98 Lo 7 Multiply your score by the factor 1.05 to obtain the adjusted total that will appear in my spread sheet. General Comments. (1) The exam was too "complex". It was not too long, nor was it too hard, but too many questions had multiple parts that made it hard to take. That is why I have made allowance for an adjusted score.
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Unformatted text preview: (2) I grade on a curve. As a result I cannot tell you what grade your test corresponds to unless you got the 98 (A+) or the 7 (F). If your score was 58, your letter grade on this exam would be on or near the C+/B-borderline. (3) I advise you to drop the course if you received a score in the 30's or below. While it is possible that you could stage a dramatic turnaround, that is unlikely based on my experience unless there were very specific extenuating circumstances that you know will not be repeated. (4) The drop deadline is near the end of this week. Although you do not need my signature to drop, please come to see me if you want to discuss this option. Professor Neuman April 21, 2008...
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