ESM203Midterm_2006 - ESM 203: Earth System Science Midterm...

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ESM 203: Earth System Science Midterm 2006 Assigned Friday, October 27 2006, due 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, November 1, 2006 E-mail your answers to Jose ( The Midterm Examination counts 25% of your course grade. Answer all four questions. The exam is open-book. Submit the answers by e-mail in typed form, including the equations [Insert/Object/Microsoft Equation Editor 3.0], although you may handwrite equations and diagrams if you can’t make the equation editor work. So that we can separate the exams for grading, start the answer to each of the four questions on a new page, and make sure you name is on every page ( View->Header and Footer in Microsoft Word). You do not have to repeat the question in your answer; just use the number and letter designations. You may use the lecture slides, your own notes, assigned readings, or other material. Reference your sources, especially if they are on the web, so that we can follow them up if necessary. You may not use other humans, so please do not communicate about the exam with anyone else. You should refrain from even discussing the course at all, with anyone, between the time you download the questions and Wednesday morning. By returning the answers via email or hard copy, you are certifying that you have completed this exam on your own. Read the questions carefully and write succinct, focused answers. Some of the questions may tempt you to diverge into questions of ideology or just enthusiastic venting about how the world is going bad. Avoid this by concentrating on the technical or
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ESM203Midterm_2006 - ESM 203: Earth System Science Midterm...

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