Final2000 - ESM 203 Earth System Science Jeff Dozier Thomas...

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1 The Final Examination counts 50% of your course grade. Answer all six questions. The exam is open- book. You may use your notes, assigned readings, or other material. You may not use each other, so please do not discuss the exam with anyone else. You should refrain from even discussing course notes once you have downloaded or read the exam. Write focused answers on all of the following questions. Remember that organization, precision, and clarity are important measures of an answer for leaders in environmental management. Also, remem- ber that explanations are more important than re-statements of the information in the question. After completing each answer, read it with a critical eye to ascertain whether it fully answers the question assigned. Please start each answer on a new page, and put your name on each page (View->Header and Footer in MS Word). This will allow us to divide the pile of exams for grading. 1. Floods from Rain-on-Snow Events The recent report from the Union of Concerned Scientists ( postulates three expectations for the future California climate: Warmer temperatures, especially in winter. Wetter—more rain and less snow. Increased intensity of El Niño events. (a) What consequences would you expect for peak flows (floods) from California’s Sierra Ne- vada. Specifically consider rain-on-snow events. Where would you expect them to increase in frequency (remember that in general the southern Sierra Nevada has higher elevations than the northern Sierra Nevada)?
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Final2000 - ESM 203 Earth System Science Jeff Dozier Thomas...

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