Final2003 - ESM 203: Earth System Science Jeff Dozier Tom...

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ESM 203: Earth System Science Final Examination Jeff Dozier Due: 11 December 2003 5:00 p.m. Tom Dunne Rachel Steinberger (e-mail to Rachel, 2 files max, hardcopy only for drawings and equations, not text) The Final Examination counts 50% of your course grade. Answer all six questions. The exam is open- book. You may use your notes, assigned readings, or other material. You may not use each other, nor may you use other students or friends, so please do not discuss the exam with anyone else. You should refrain from even discussing course notes or content once you have downloaded or read the exam. By submitting this exam electronically, you are affirming that you have complied with these rules of con- duct. Please write focused answers on all of the following questions. Remember that organization, preci- sion, and clarity are important measures of an answer for leaders in environmental management. Also, remember that explanations are more important than re-statements of the information in the question. You need not repeat the question; just the number/letter combination is sufficient. After completing each answer, read it with a critical eye to ascertain whether it fully answers the question assigned. 1. Frequency of Severe Weather Events At a meeting of water managers and planners from throughout the state of California, a consultant hired by a central California redevelopment agency recommends that dams, levees, and other structures for flood protection ought to dramatically increase, because California will experience more frequent severe weather events in a warmer climate induced by anthropogenic carbon diox- ide. He cites the report Confronting Climate Change in California: Ecological Impacts on the Golden State to back up his recommendation. The meeting chair, a member of the Bren School Advisory Board, remembers your stellar presen- tation at the previous spring’s group project event, and asks you to take over and direct the discus- sion along a more balanced path, to explain to the audience the state of knowledge about fre- quency of severe weather. (a)
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Final2003 - ESM 203: Earth System Science Jeff Dozier Tom...

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