Final2004 - ESM 203: Earth System Science Jeff Dozier Tom...

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ESM 203: Earth System Science Final Examination Jeff Dozier Due: 10 December 2004 5:00 p.m. Tom Dunne (e-mail to Damon, 2 files max) Damon Turney The Final Examination counts 50% of your course grade. Answer all four questions, which are equally weighted. The exam is open-book. You do not have to repeat the question in your answer; just use the number and letter designations. You may use your notes, assigned readings, or other material. You may not use each other, so please do not discuss the exam with anyone else. You should re- frain from even discussing the course at all, with anyone, between this afternoon and next Friday afternoon. Some of the questions are straightforward, and ask you essentially to re-explain what we cov- ered in class. Others questions are more mature, and require you to apply what you have learned to something we did not explicitly teach you. Read the questions carefully and write succinct, focused answers. Some of the questions may tempt you to diverge into questions of ideology. Avoid this by concentrating on the technical or management issue being raised. Try to be complete but concise. Do not bury your answer, which might be correct, too deeply. If you have questions about the interpretation of the material, you may email Jeff and Tom. If we think you have thereby identified something about the exam that is unclear, we will post the answer to the rest of the class. 1. Plate Tectonics and Nuclear Waste Disposal News last week concerned the difficulties that Japan is having in locating secure long- term disposal sites for its high-level nuclear wastes. The US government is (at least tem- porarily) committed to burying its high-level nuclear wastes in Nevada. (a) Describe the tectonic and climatic settings of the two regions and how their character- istics offer differing constraints or opportunities to the two governments for this pur- pose. You can ignore (for this purpose only!) the differences in population and politics between
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Final2004 - ESM 203: Earth System Science Jeff Dozier Tom...

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