Midterm2002 - ESM 203 Earth System Science Jeff Dozier...

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ESM 203: Earth System Science Midterm 2002 Jeff Dozier Assigned November 2, due 5:00 p.m. November 6 Damon Turney (e-mail to Dozier) The Midterm Examination counts 25% of your course grade. Answer all four questions. The exam is open-book. You may use your notes, assigned readings, or other material. You also need to download the WaterBalance.xls file for question #3. You may not use each other, so please do not discuss the exam with any- one else. You should refrain from even discussing course notes once you have downloaded or read the exam. Some of the questions are straightforward, and ask you essentially to re-explain what we covered in class. Others questions are more mature, and require you to apply what you have learned to something we did not explicitly teach you. Read the questions carefully and write short, focused answers. Some of the questions may tempt you to diverge into questions of history, policy, or ideology. Avoid this by concentrating on the technical or management issue being raised. Try to be complete but concise. Do not bury your answer, which might be correct, too deeply. 1. Groundwater You are working in a planning office in a warm, seasonally dry environment like mid-California. The rivers shown in the cross-section flow perennially, and the main trunk stream is at a lower elevation than the two sub-parallel tributaries. A proposal comes in for a large development that would do the following, as indicated on the topographic cross-section: (1) build an extensive residential district between A and A' on the profile; (2) pump water from wells along the main valley floor to irrigate a golf course and other recreation space extending onto the opposite hillside between A' and A". You want to alert your boss to potential problems that might need detailed investiga- tion, even though you don’t know anything about the geological structure of the area
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2 apart from the presence of a single sloping aquiclude shown on the profile. Your
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Midterm2002 - ESM 203 Earth System Science Jeff Dozier...

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