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ESM 203: Earth System Science for Environmental Management Homework 1, 31 pts total 02 October 2007, due 16 October 5:00 pm Jeff Dozier, Tom Dunne, & Carl Legleiter (via e-mail to Carl: [email protected]) The Harte Model: A One-Dimensional Climate Model for a Two-Layer Atmosphere The problems in this homework assignment (and in some of the subsequent assignments) require you to use a software package for your calculations and graphs. We recommend Excel as the normal choice, although others like MATLAB or JMP have greater power. You can use an alternative software package if you are already familiar with it. Use Excel (or your choice) clearly and carefully. Include a description of the equations used to pro- duce the data. Name your variables. Use comments to explain your calculations. Homework in ESM 203 is by groups of three to four students. Turn in just one copy of the answers per group, but please make sure that all group members understand the homework and the answers. (1) In lecture on 02 October, Jeff derived the simplest possible climate model, with no layering of the atmosphere. It calculates Earth’s radiating temperature for various planetary albedo values ( a p ). a. [3 pts] Reproduce this calculation and graph the radiating temperatures for Earth. Use a surface emissivity value =0.95 and consider albedo values from 0.20 to 0.40. For the extraterrestrial solar irradiance (the “solar constant” S ) use values of 1365 Wm 2 and 1370 Wm 2 (remember to divide by 4 to get the pla- netary average).
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01HarteModel - ESM 203: Earth System Science for...

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