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ta-office-s08 - Lisa Gulian Collin Dyer Mike Isaacman 12 1...

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CHEM. 1A/1AL 1B/1BL 1C/1CL TA OFFICE HOURS TIME MONDAY PSBN 2653 TUESDAY PSBN 2666 WEDNESDAY PSBN 2653 THURSDAY PSBN 2666 FRIDAY PSBN 2653 10 – 11 AM Justin Cochran Gordon Smith Ellie Corigliano Aidee Gonzalez Bridget Owens Erin Brocker Ted Matson 11 – 12 Surekha Gajria David Schnaars Jin Kuen Park
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Unformatted text preview: Lisa Gulian Collin Dyer Mike Isaacman 12 1 PM Lani Seaman Abril Estrada Alexey Koyfman Kristen Murphy Jonathan Burk 1 2 PM Mike Schettini Gloria Mo Rahau Shirazi Yen-Ping Lin Ester Zhuang Mon, Wed, Fri: 10 AM 2 PM PSBN 2653 Tues, Thurs: 10 AM 1 PM PSBN 2666...
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