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Exam 1.Form A.WhiteVersion.2008 - Chem. 1B Exam 1 February...

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1 Chem. 1B Exam 1 FORM A First letter of your last name: February 1, 2008 Name: Last Name First Name Perm # INSTRUCTIONS: No sharing of calculators. Cell Phones, iPods, headsets, etc. must be turned off and put away. SCANTRON FORM: Use a PENCIL 1) Write your name 2) Bubble in FORM A 3) Bubble in your PERM number (7 digits only, no extra numbers) INFORMATION PAGE: An information page is provided separately. No other notes or books are allowed. There are 5 pages, 16 questions. Each question is worth 5 points. Work out the problems and write your answers on this exam. Turn in the Exam and Scantron form . 1. Use the values of Δ H f o given below each substance to calculate Δ H o for the reaction. P C l 5 ( g ) + 4 H 2 O ( l ) H 3 PO 4 (g) + 5 HCl ( g ) Δ H f o (kJ /mol) – 398.9 – 285.9 – 1281.1 – 92.3 a) – 200.1 kJ Answers are given at the end of the exam. b) + 200.1 kJ c) – 688.6 kJ d) + 688.6 kJ e) – 900.3 kJ 2. Which of the following substances has the largest absolute entropy per mole at 298 K? a) CH 3 OH ( l ) b) NaCl (s) c) C 4 H 10 (g) d) H 2 (g) e) H 2 O (g) 3. Which of the following statements can be made about the absolute entropy of one mole of O 2 (g) at 298 K and 1.00 atm pressure? a) S o = 0 b) S o is positive c) S o is negative d) S o is given by Δ H o /T e) None of the above
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2 4. The following endothermic reaction is spontaneous at 25 o C and 1 atm. Ba(OH)
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Exam 1.Form A.WhiteVersion.2008 - Chem. 1B Exam 1 February...

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