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ESM 202: Review of Course Objectives (W’08) The purpose of this document is to revisit the objectives of this course. What did we want you to learn from this course? What should you take forward in your future courses and professionally? This is NOT meant to be a list of all facts for which you might be tested on in the final exam. What we think you should take forward from this class includes: A general understanding of what we mean by “environmental biogeochemistry”. An understanding of the general concepts of chemical reservoirs, fluxes and cycles. An understanding of the major cycles we’ve studied (C, N, S, P): what are the forms of these elements that are moving through the environment, what are the major reservoirs, what are some of the major fluxes, how has human activity altered the cycles, and what are the major societal concerns? Have an ability to readily sketch the major cycles. A working knowledge of the major chemical species in the major elemental cycles covered in
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