ESM202Lecture01 - Environmental Biogeochemistry John Melack...

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1 ESM 202 Environmental Biogeochemistry John Melack and Trish Holden Objectives ± Apply biogeochemical understanding to important environmental issues ± Understand SOURCES, RESERVOIRS and PROCESSES of pollutants and nutrients ± Provide basic biogeochemical knowledge for making sound environmental decisions Relevance ± Management of nutrients in a watershed to avoid eutrophication ± Develop a sound environmental restoration program ± Design a successful remediation program for contaminated site ± Understand the greenhouse effect, its drivers and the possible solutions Terminology ± Reservoir (M): an amount of material defined by physical, chemical or biological characteristics. There may also be physical boundaries. Examples: carbon in the atmosphere (CO 2 , CO, CH 4 , VOCs, etc.) nitrogen in soil organic matter (SOM) sulfur in sedimentary rocks (as S, SO 4 or S 2- , bound as FeSO 4 , FeS) phosphorous in lake water (as P, or PO 4 2- )
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2 Terminology ± Flux (F): the amount of material transferred from one reservoir to another per unit time carbon dioxide to atmosphere from combustion of fossil fuels nitrogen deposition from the atmosphere to land phosphate leaching out of the soil into rivers VOC emissions from human activities into the atmosphere or to groundwater Terminology ± Process: A physical, chemical or biological activity that results in a flux or change in mass or chemical form: evaporation photosynthesis oxidation (CH 4 in atmosphere) biodegradation Terminology ± Cycle A system with two or more reservoirs
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ESM202Lecture01 - Environmental Biogeochemistry John Melack...

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