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esm223_08__Readings - California DWR Climate Change and...

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ESM223 Lecture 8 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Readings Presentations from Bren Water-Energy Conference Read this one in full: Dettinger Read these for general content and approach and, of course, in greater detail if you find them interesting: Aelbrecht Andrew Eaker-DiFilippo Hightower-Goldstein Lund Other Materials California Climate Action Team report, section 4.3 on water (pp 28-29)
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Unformatted text preview: California DWR Climate Change and Groundwater Management report (sections 2.1 through 2.3). Global Energy overview, Physics Today article (read for general content) Global Water Scarcity, New Yorker article (read for general content) NRDC report (read ch 1 & 2) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reference Material IPCC Policy Summary – November 2007...
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