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1 ESM 223 Lecture 5 – Site Assessment and Characterization Winter 2008, Norm Brown 2 Abbrev’s w & gw; wl & wq mgt S & D a/r artificial recharge c/u conjunctive use s/i seawater intrusion q - quality Q - quantity (flow) aq aquifer, aqueous difference, change ET evapotranspiration pcp precipitation TD total depth [PL] [SL] 3 Abbrev’s (2) ppl proposal chz characterize chzn characterization perf perforations (re groundwater wells) b/c because b/w between tx transfer, transport
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Unformatted text preview: f-tx fate & transport mfg manufacturing ind industry mkt market mon’g monitoring LU land use LUT lookup table %, % o know the different between percent and permil § WWTP wastewater treatment plant (cf. POTW, WRF) 4 Water Quality Analyses • Individual Analytes • Standard Analytical Suites – General Mineral & Physical – EPA Analytical Suites • Costs • Procedures...
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  • Winter '08
  • Abbrev, Assessment and Characterization, EPA Analytical Suites, Standard Analytical Suites, characterize characterization perforations

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