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ESM223-Winter2008_Lecture_List2 - ESM 223 Soil and...

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ESM 223 -- Soil and Groundwater Quality Management Norm Brown, Winter 2008 Lecture Topics 1 Introduction to Soil and Groundwater Resource Management Course Overview. The context of water resources from global scale to our main study area of California. How does groundwater management work. Water quantity, reliability and quality. Site- and basin-scale issues. Comparison of supply management and remedial actions 2 Goals, Strategies and Methods for Soil and Groundwater Resource Management Constituents managed -- inorganic, VOCs, natural, anthropogenic etc. Soil, vadose zone and groundwater. General strategies available and employed. Overview of competing needs/demands. Point v. Nonpoint. Risk and Cost issues 3 Local and Basin-wide Water Quality Conditions Waste sites, plumes, basin-wide constituents of concern. Overview of Cl, NO3, As and TDS. National & local water quality guidelines and cleanup criteria; drinking water MCLs. Operational strategies. Range of problems and remedies. Evaluating uncertainty. 4 Risk Analysis; Hazardous Waste Sites Superfund overview. EPA Risk-based decision-making. Ecological risk assessment. Assessment, characterization and remedies for the worst sites: the state of these sites today. 5 Characterization Data; Cleanup Criteria Types/availability of soil and water quality data. Methods/technologies for acquiring data; interpreting results.
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  • Winter '08
  • groundwater management, groundwater quality management, Basin Groundwater Management, Groundwater Resource Management

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