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ESM 223 Lecture 16 – Basin Groundwater Analysis – The Real World of Imperfect Data Winter 2008, Norm Brown Conjunctive Use • Supply reliability and optimization – Long-term – Seasonal • Water Quality Management • Analogy with pump-storage projects for electrical power generation Conjunctive Use • Economics – Where are such projects the most valuable, and why? – The special case of California, where there is a there is a geographic mismatch of supply and demand, and where active faults will someday disrupt major conveyances of the State Water Project (as well as LA Aqueduct and possibly Colorado River Aqueduct). MWD promotion and support of local storage projects, e.g., Calleguas Municipal Water District • Can there be disadvantages? Water Balance – Potential Errors DWR, 2002
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Large potential error for many items – Why so large for metered items? Stream gauges and estimating streamflow in the absence of gauges Precipitation and the orographic effect Other ways to estimate production – Crop use factors – Electricity use and efficiency readings (the power company provides efficiency tests free every several years) As a practical matter, subsurface inflow & outflow is usually the
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esm223_16_lecnotes_smallsize - Winter 2008 Norm Brown...

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