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Fascovicz, Natalie History 1 Larson M/W 12:35 12/20/05 The Medici : Godfathers of the Renaissance Review This documentary covers the Medici family and their impact on society, Florence and the Renaissance. Out of all the documentaries I have seen, this one was by far the most captivating. This is a four-part documentary that incorporates well-acted recreation, dramatic narration and educated commentary on the events of this time. Contrary to some reviews on this DVD, I loved the narration! It was striking, articulate and appropriate. Although I am not an expert on this historical time period, from what I
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Unformatted text preview: remember of my Renaissance history courses, this documentary portraits the time period quite well. I was fascinated by this family and their mafia style achievements (as ruthless as they were). The only downside to this production is that the focus on the Medici family wanes towards part four. This film details the life of the early Medici and towards the end focuses more on Galileo and the Inquisition than the later Medici. I guess they became less interesting as time went on? All in all a great documentary....
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