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GE Water, planned desalination plant team up By Michael Burge San Diego Union Tribune May 25, 2007 CARLSBAD – Poseidon Resources Inc. has enlisted GE Water & Process Technologies as a partner in the development of an ocean-water desalination plant proposed for the Carlsbad coast. Jeff Garwood, president and CEO of GE Water, announced the deal yesterday in Los Angeles. “The Carlsbad plant is a long-term viable investment for GE to bring a much-needed source of water to the people of San Diego County,” said Ellen Mellody, a company spokeswoman. Peter MacLaggan, Poseidon senior vice president, confirmed yesterday that GE had joined the project and said the desalination plant will use GE's Zenon ultrafiltration membranes in its water-purification system. “They have agreed to invest in the completion of the project,” MacLaggan said. The financial terms were not disclosed. Poseidon proposes to build a $270 million, 50 million-gallon-a-day seawater desalination plant on the grounds of the Encina Power Station, at Carlsbad Boulevard and Cannon
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esm223_18_Reading_GE_and_Poseidon_news - GE Water planned...

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