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ESM223 Lecture 5 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Website Update * These lecture 5 materials are now being posted to the website. The earlier materials will be re-posted soon. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Note about Readings * We will combine readings for lectures 5 and 6. Start with as many of these items as you have time for before Tuesday’s lecture and tackle the rest before Thursday. There will be a few additional readings posted for Thursday’s lecture. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Class Text Readings Watts, Ch 4 (pp. 212-246) Review Lecture 4 reading: Watts, Ch 11, portion (pp. 522-537) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Unformatted text preview: Other Readings Diagnostic Assessment summary Site Characterization summary Wisconsin Field Procedures Manual (skim for overview purposes only) Diving Plumes – API Bulletin 24 Cross-Borehole Geophysics Presentation EPA Superfund Summaries. Read these 3 short summaries and peruse at your leisure any of the other categories that interest you in the “Cleanup Process” box at right: 1. Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study 2. Scoping 3. Site Characterization Field Analytical Technologies (scan; read in detail any that interest you) - Clu-In webpage
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