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Winter 2008 CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY 102 STUDY GUIDE CH 4-5 CH 4 PALEOLITHIC PRIMATE ORDER HOMININE AUSTRALOPITHECINES HOM O HABI LIS HOMO ERECTUS “LUCY” OLDOWAN TOOLS ATLATL PALEOLITHIC The other primates that belong to the same “Order” humans belong The characteristics that make primates different from other mammals Which characteristic do all hominids share and defines membership in the hominidae family Primates most closely related to humans? How close are they genetically? In what ways is bipedalism an advantage over quadupedalism Where in the world have Australopithecine fossils been found? Date for the earliest tools. Name of the earliest tool tradition? What is the earliest date for Homo erectus migrating out of Africa What are some of the advantages for the use of fire? Which hominid was the artist beginning about 40,000 years ago? Status, ranking among bonobos; the relationship that is most important. Two of the anthropologists who fought against the concept of Race
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Unformatted text preview: CH 5 DIALECTS GLOTTOCHRONOLOGY CODE SWITCHING KINESICS LINGUISTICS ETHNOLINGUISTICSFRAME SUBSTITUTION PROXEMICS MORPHEME PHONEME formal structure of a language is called what? a system of communication based on symbols is what? What is a dialect? Understand the difference and similarities between signals and symbols. Define grammar Linguistic nationalism in France The most symbolic aspect of a culture is? What can glottochronologists learn by comparing the core vocabulary of two languages? What did Edward Sapir and Benjamin Whorf propose about language and the speakers? In 1984 which Native American group affirmed the right to use their native language. What is the physical cost to us to be able to speak a language? Martin Luther King Jr. was an effective speaker because he could do what? What is a pidgin language? FILM: How Cultures are Studied Page 1 of 1...
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