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Environmental Management Midterm Exam, 25% of course grade 30 October 2007, due 04 November 11:59 pm Jeff Dozier, Tom Dunne, & Carl Legleiter (via e-mail to carl@geog.ucsb.edu, 2 files max) The Midterm Examination counts 25% of your course grade. Answer all four ques- tions, which are equally weighted. The exam is open-book. You do not have to repeat the question in your answer; just use the number and letter designations. Note to those of you who worry about the time required for these exams: We are aware that this course’s exams have a reputation, but we truly do not want you to spend days on the exam. Part of a day should be enough. We are giving you nearly a week, but that is so you can find part of a day during that period. The answers to the questions will not be found through time-consuming searches through the web or text- books, and the writing of the few pages required should not take much time. The criti- cal requirement is to review your slides and notes from various lectures, your home- work, and your reading and to apply them to the very specific questions asked. Think about (and express clearly) the hydrological or climatological processes involved. All questions can be answered entirely from information you already have. You are unlike- ly to find salvation on the World Wide Web. You may use your notes, assigned readings, or other material. You may not use each other or any other person for help, so please do not discuss the exam with anyone else. You should refrain from even discussing the course at all, with any- one, until midnight Sunday, even after you have turned in your exam (others may not have turned theirs in). 1. Effect of Southern California fires on water availability The past few months have witnessed extensive fires in the chaparral and dry forests of Southern California. Although there are going to be many ecological and erosional consequences of the fires, this question is about their effect on water availability (not quality) only . So, conserve your energy in accomplishing the following task. Suppose you are a staff member in a water supply agency, and your boss anticipates having to field a variety of questions about whether or how the fires might affect the agency’s ability to provide water during the coming year. The agency manages multi- purpose reservoirs to provide both flood protection and water supply, and these two responsibilities often conflict with one another. Water managers need to hold reservoir levels in winter low enough to capture flood runoff, but they must capture enough ru- noff from winter rains to supply society’s needs next summer, so they can’t just empty the reservoirs to create flood storage capacity. Your boss asks for a briefing, summarized in a two-page memo, on:
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Midterm_Fall2007 - ESM 203: Earth System Science for...

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