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ESM 266: Remote Sensing of Environment Lab 5, Preparation for final project Jeff Dozier & Karl Rittger April 28, 2008 Due May 6, 2008 Objectives To start thinking about your final project. To explore science/management questions, data sources, relevant literature. Scope of project Your project will be similar to the labs done in class, but you will define the objectives, procedures and procure the data. The analyses will be more involved than the weekly labs. In this regard, you might conduct in-depth time series analyses of data; e.g. multi- year. You might retrieve data from instruments we have not fully explored. You might analyze raw satellite radiance data yourself, being guided by papers that provide algo- rithms. You may work on an individual project, or you may work in pairs. Guidelines Your report should be focused on estimating the distribution of a state or variable of re- levance to environmental science and management. You must identify two publications that present analyses that relate to your project. You are encouraged to focus on a topic
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