02-Resolution - ESM 266 Remote Sensing of Environment Jeff...

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ESM 266: Remote Sensing of Environment Lab 2, Effect of Resolution Jeff Dozier & Karl Rittger April 7, 2008 Due April 15, 2008 Objectives To understand the differences in resolution (spatial, spectral, temporal, and radiome- tric) To understand differences in imaging systems and how they affect pixel size, obser- vational ability, etc. Image Analysis Data for this assignment are in R:\Spring2008\ESM266\Assignment02 (1) Spatial Resolution. Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) images have a nominal pixel size of 30m. SPOT images have a nominal pixel size of 10m. For this portion of the lab, we have taken a Landsat Thematic Mapper image of London and spatially sub- setted it so that it has the same number of pixels as a SPOT image of the same area. We then used a data fusion technique to further modify the Landsat TM image. Data fusion combines data layers (bands) from different images to create a new image. In this case, the finer spectral resolution band of the SPOT image has been combined with two Landsat TM bands in a process called “pan sharpening”. In this example of pan sharpening, the 10m band from the SPOT image is substituted for one of the TM spectral bands in an RGB image. By including the high spatial resolution band with the other two regular TM bands, additional spatial information is included. Note that, with pan-sharpening, you are not including any additional spectral informa- tion(unless the band you are substituting is a wavelength not included in the original sensor), just spatial information. This is a useful technique when one is performing visual analysis of RGB image displays. [Though not necessary for this week’s lab, you can learn more about the concept of pan sharpening in ENVI Tutorial #8. You textbook also explains this technique.] London_TM.cub is the original TM image that has been spatially subsetted to have the same number of pixels as the SPOT image (it still has a nominal spatial resolu- tion of 30 m,). London_sharp.cub is the pan-sharpened image with a spatial resolu- tion of 10 m. Start up ENVI and open the image file:
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02-Resolution - ESM 266 Remote Sensing of Environment Jeff...

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