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ESM 223 Lecture 18 – Public and Private Entities in Soil and Groundwater Quality Management Winter 2008, Norm Brown Public or Private? • Who decides? • Does the law dictate the ownership and responsibility, or does the history of responsibility guide the development of (common) law? • Inherent differences – and necessary overlap of requirements – for public or private ownership and management of the common water resource Waste Sites and Private Entities • Original Site Owners. Lots of sites get cleaned up by companies that stay solvent (no pun intended) and then continue to use the sites or sell them after cleanup. • Private Development Companies – Specialty companies that manage environmental risk, cleanup and subsequent (re-)development • Commonly LLC consortiums that include insurers, environmental service companies and developers –B rown f ie lds – Military site redevelopment •BRAC [ Base Realignment and Closure - ] Brownfields • Public assistance (EPA) • Example: Charleston, SC Brownfield Supplemental Assistance $150,000 Charleston's goal is to target additional brownfields in the Charleston Enterprise Community (EC) for development into a light industrial park for manufacturing and distribution. Charleston's plans for the Supplemental Assistance include: • Reviewing historical records for all EC properties • Developing a Geographic Information System (GIS) and incorporating
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esm223_18___Lecture_Notes_smallsize - Winter 2008, Norm...

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