eas 122 CHAPTER 12 TERM DEFINITIONS - between cloud and...

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CHAPTER 12 TERM DEFINITIONS Blizzard—strong cold winds filled with snow Derecho—winds that blow straight ahead Freezing rain—supercooled rain that turns to ice when it touches objects such as trees and powerlines Global climate models (GCMs)—a three and four dimensional computer model of earth’s atmosphere that simulates global climates produced by varying temperature, rainfall, atmospheric pressure, winds, and ocean currents Global warming potential (GWP)—the ability of a greenhouse gas to trap heat in the atmosphere as compared to CO2 Hail—precipitaiton of hard, semispherical pellets of ice Inversion layer—an atmospheric later in which the upper portion is warmer or less humid than the lower Lapse rate—the rate at which earth’s atmosphere cools with increasing elecation. The average rate is about 6oC/km Lightning—a flashing of light as atmospheric electricity flows between clouds or
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Unformatted text preview: between cloud and ground Little ice age--Maunder minimum—a cooler intercal between 1645 to 1715 CE when astronomers noted minimal sunspots on the sun’s surface Medieval maximum—a relatively warm interval in the northern hemisphere between about 1000 to 1300 CE Microburst—sudden strong downrushes of wind and water from a thundercloud Ozone—a gaseous molecule compsed of three atoms of oxygen Sleet—precipitation of fine icy particles formed as frozen rain Thunder—the sound given off by rapidly expanding gases along the path of a lightning discharge Thunderstorm—a tall, buoyant cloud of moist air that generates lightning and thunder usually accompanied by rain, gusty winds, and sometimes hail Tipping point—the point at which long term small changes suddenly produce large effects tornado...
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eas 122 CHAPTER 12 TERM DEFINITIONS - between cloud and...

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