eas 122 chap 11 - CHAPTER 11 TERM DEFINITIONS Adiabatic...

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CHAPTER 11 TERM DEFINITIONS Adiabatic process—the change in temperature of a mass without adding or subtracting heat. Examples are cooling with expansion and warming upon compression Albedo—t he reflectively of a body; for the Earth, how much solar radiation is reflected back to space Anticyclone—a region of high atmospheric pressure and outflowing air that roates clockwise in the northern hemisphere Climate—the average weather conditions at a place over many years Conduction—transfer of heat downward or inward through material by communication of kinetic energy from particle to particle Convection—a process of heat transfer where hot material at depth rises upward due to its lower density while cooler material above sinks because of its higher density Coriolis effect—moving objects experience the earth move out from beneath them; in the northern hemisphere, bodies moce towrd their right-hand sides, while in the souther hemisphere, they move toward their left Cyclone—a region of low atmospheric pressure and converging air that rotates counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere Dew point temperature—the air temperature where the relative humidity of an air
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eas 122 chap 11 - CHAPTER 11 TERM DEFINITIONS Adiabatic...

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